Assurance Drives Return on Investment by Adopting the Latest Technology with Innovative Software!

Assurance Storage is focused on delivering the best return on investment for our customers. To accomplish this, Assurance is working with the latest Intel Sandy Bridge / Patsburg (Romley) chipset to ensure maximum performance for scale-out and data-intensive applications. Assurance is one of very few companies with this development work well under way and we strive to be the first to market with this ground-breaking technology.

Additionally, Assurance is focused on delivering software solutions for storage with the highest rate of sustained IOPS for read and write, cache, IO and application acceleration solutions. We develop solutions that leverage the latest in SSD NAND and Flash technology, delivered for Application Servers, SAN and NAS deployments, with and without spinning hard drives.

These examples prove that Assurance is focused on delivering the highest IOPS counts as well as the equally important measure of IOs per watt.

Many companies have been studying approaches that will lead them to optimize data center efficiency with the common Power Usage Index (PUI). Assurance greatly assists with these endeavors by providing a new index, IOs per watt or IPW, which industry analysts believe will become an equally important measure of data center efficiency.

This focus on new technology, particularly NAND and Flash for your data center applications across both SAN and NAS environments, using the very latest Intel chipsets, that can be measured to ensure you are maximizing your storage dollar , demonstrates why you should contact Assurance for your storage needs.

Assurance storage solutions - Fluid, Scalable, Reliable, Fast, Secure

Assurance ApplicationSmart software along with Assurance FDIR delivers a nearly fully automated storage system. Speed up application response with near zero drive maintenance - Fast, automated, intelligent!
Strike the right balance of high density disk and Flash / solid state. Increase utilization of storage resources - achieve new level of performance, availability and scale.
The lowest Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) per Rack Unit. Assurance delivers highest density, most bandwidth and the lowest PUE per enclosure in the industry! That equals 50% - 80% savings.

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